New Story!!!

Hi guys! I've taken on two new beta jobs for stories I think you will all enjoy.

The first is Life by Proxy by jenejes.

Show your support of our fandom authors and stop by to leave some love!

Countdown to 2012

Hi everybody! I'm participating in the Countdown this year. Here's the catch. I can't tell you which one is mine. Let's see if you can tell which story was written by me. He he... Those that can pick me out will get a mini surprise. A bonus chap from Betty featuring their favorite couple. You have to review on each story and guess who the author is from the list provided. I'll be checking, and if you get mine in the review, you win!

Here's the link!

Squeeze My Lemon

I wrote a one-shot for the Dirty Cheeky Monkeys Blog. Check it out. Here's the pic it goes with.

TWCS Romance Contest

an Original Fiction by Emily Bowden

I cannot tell you how nervous I am about this, but I finally posted my original work over on TWCS for their Romance Contest. The winner is rewarded with a publishing contract. I have NO hopes of winning, but I do feel incredibly anxious about having my own story out there. I could really use some encouragement from my Betty readers. Please, take some time to head over and read my story. Leaving reviews helps as well. And for all of you authors out there who continue to support me by reading my work, I cannot express to you how much it means to me.

Thank you,


Inspired Fan Fic Awards

Both Bella and Edward were nominated for the Inspired Fan Fic Awards. Thanks to my twin Laura, aka busymommy for nominating my story. Check out her stuff! She writes a great Jasper/Bella story.

Click here to vote for the Awards. There's a lot of fics nom'd, so have fun picking your favs!

The Shimmer Awards

The Betty Chronicles has been nominated for the Heatwave Award over at the Shimmer Awards. It's for the Best Lemon, and I'm honored to be nominated. I'm up against some pretty stiff competition, but just being recognized is an honor. Thanks to all of you who are reading and thinking of my story when you see nominations requests for awards. Honestly, you all humble me.

Click here to vote --> And good luck to all the nominations!

Golden Lemon

The Betty Chronicles has been nom'd for a Golden Lemon! I'm so freakin' excited about it. My inner perv did a houla dance. Here's the ling Vote for your favorite smut! And Betty, of course.

A Betty Review

I think this is one of the best reviews Betty has ever received, not because it was about its slow burn aspect, but because it focuses on what the Betty Chronicles is about. Not just an opportunity to perv out in the observation deck, although that is quite fun some times (Just ask Jodi), but a real story beneath all the sex, steam, and sensuality.

Thanks to the Team at Twi Muses! And especially Jess for giving me the encouragment to continue right when I needed it.

Fandom For Preemies

In 2008, my husband and I lost our son, Caleb. He was born just before 24 weeks gestation. He was perfectly healthy, but for reasons unknown, the doctors tried to stop my labor, but after five gruely, exhausting days, my water broke and Caleb was delivered. He lived for two precious hours, and both my husband and I held him until his passing and long after.

It was a devastating tragedy, and it happens to a great many people.

I have written a one shot for the Fandom for Preemies. It is a sneak peek at an upcoming fic I plan to write after Sing and Betty are done. With a small donation, you will receive a compliation of many different one shots by several authors. It doesn't take much, but your donation goes a long way. Please consider giving your money to the worthy cause.